The Queen of the Desert

October 10, 2020

The Virgin Mary is the Queen of the desert: “Quae est ista? Who is she that rises from the desert, leaning on her Beloved?” Silence of admiration before the Virgin Mary. Quae est ista? The school of silence begins with admiration.

When we contemplate Her, when we look at Her, we cannot but admire Her. This admiration, which corresponds to a particularly high form of love, will be for us the beginning of an increase of graces, an increase of silence.

The silence of the desert… It is She, the Virgin Mary, who was called into the desert to hear Her Beloved, to be instructed and elevated by Him. She is truly the first, the most privileged, the one who before all the others was called to the desert. She was completely separated from all creation by Her Immaculate Conception. Before God, the Virgin Mary is pure capacity. In Her there is absolutely nothing that can hinder this out-pouring of the fullness of God. She is truly for God the perfect desert. Nothing in Her stands in opposition to Him. This capacity of God is a power continually enriched by the divine fullness: from the first moment of Her conception, it is fullness of grace. She is filled with a degree of grace that surpasses that of all the Saints and Angels together, and this fullness of grace is continually increasing.

Then also in a corporeal way, She becomes the desert filled with Jesus Christ. For nine months She physically carries Him who is grace. There are therefore in Her soul truly those qualities of the desert that make Jesus Christ completely at home there, completely at home with Her. She is not only the one whom God calls to the desert, She is really and even doubly, so to speak, a desert, because of Her Immaculate Conception and because of the presence of the Child God in Her womb. She is therefore truly this perfect desert capable of being entered entirely by the Eternal One.

She is instructed in a much deeper way and understands Him all the better because: “It was to Her in the first place that God intended to speak when He said that He would draw Her to the desert to speak to Her heart, and in a unique way since the uncreated word, the Word made flesh, descended into Her to dwell there.” It was in solitude, silence that She conceived in great secrecy. She is the tabernacle of the Most High God. It is one of the greatest graces that can be granted to you; the grace to discover this Marian temple and to enter it to find Jesus. He is still alive in Mary. God is in Her. She is the City of God, the One He has chosen. He resides in the Virgin as in His own temple. Mother of the Incarnate Word, the spirit of Her Son is given to Her with a character of belonging that makes Her His normal and privileged sanctuary… His desert. She is the place where Her Son dwells in a normal and privileged way.