The Resurrection, light of the faith

April 12, 2020

Now the light of Our Lord, which seemed to have disappeared for good, returns and reappears on the night of Easter. Our Lord said: "Ego sum lux mundi. I am the light of the world" (Jn 8:12). "I have come to bring fire to this earth, and what is my desire, except that this fire should set the whole earth on fire? "(Lk 12:49). Well, in the same way, the light has arisen in the night, and this light will set the whole earth on fire.

All our lights have been illuminated, lit by the fire of Our Lord Jesus Christ. What an image of that paschal fire which must be communicated to our souls, the fire of the charity of Our Lord! Thus a great hope was born for us: Our Lord has not died definitively, Our Lord will rise again. And yet, there again, the Apostles doubt.

Just listen to the words of the disciples of Emmaus: "Our sperabamus. We hoped, but now we are almost desperate. It has already been three days since he died and was buried, and we have heard nothing more. Oh, we have heard that some women have gone to the grave and have found nothing more. The Apostles also followed them and found nothing. And nihil invented. "(cf. Lk 24:21-24).

Are we not also a little like those Apostles and those women? We find nothing. We seek, we seek Our Lord and we risk finding nothing. Well, we lack faith!

Archbishop Lefebvre, April 14, 1974

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